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Court issued penalty to ex-banker who attacked IMI representative in Kherson

12.12.2016, 15:59

The Kherson City Court found former banker Taras Burda guilty and sentenced him in the form of a fine in the amount of 50 tax-free minimum. The ex-banker guilty in causing bodily harm to Serhiy Nikitenko, the editor of the online edition of "MIST"(Bridge), the regional representative of the Institute of Mass Information. The court made decision on Dec. 12, according to "Den".

In particular, the court found Burda guilty of a crime under Art. 125 part 1 of the Criminal Code (causing light bodily injury).

Bring to mind that Taras Burda, a former banker and husband of deputy of the Suvorov district council, attacked Serhiy Nikitenko on May 25 in Kherson. Mr.Burda smashed the journalist's head with an electronic tablet. The incident took place at Svobody Square in the city center after a rally organized in honor of Nadiya Savchenko release.

From Nikitenko's words he connects aggression with his professional activity and as response to his critical materials about Burda's inner circle.

Criminal proceedings under Article 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (obstructing the professional activities of a journalist) was opened against Burda on the fact of attack on Serhiy Nikitenko, the IMI representative in Kherson, which occurred on May 25 in the regional center, .
According to "Den", Mr.Burda claimed after the incident and during the process, that he threw an electronic tablet so Nikitenko could catch it and he didn't expect it to hit journalist's head.

Preliminary hearings were accompanied with anti-Nikitenko materials at several local sites. There also was organized rally against the journalist, attended by unknown people, mostly middle-aged and older.

Nikitenko suit his aggressor with community service, but the court granted the request of prosecutor about fine.

Photo - Ivan Antypenko

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