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Terrorists placed bounties on heads of Ukrainian journalists – Andriy Tsapliyenko

02.10.2014, 20:31

Ukrainian and pro-Ukrainian journalists do not work on the territories in the east and southeast of Ukraine that are occupied by gunmen, because the local chieftains declared “cleansing” from Ukrainian media, and placed big bounties for the "heads" of Ukrainian journalists. The military journalist of "1+1" Andriy Tsapliyenko informed about this during his online interview at the website

"The journalist of most Ukrainian TV channels do not go to the other side. Not because they do not want… the reason is – the guys on that side started to sweep clean the information field (since Crimea) and to take out Ukrainian and pro-Ukrainian journalists, Ukrainian and pro-Ukrainian media outlets from their territory. Just to have an opportunity to "zombify" the people on the territories that they control. For many Ukrainian journalists, bounties are set up there", Tsapliyenko said.

He added that there are special lists with the photos of journalists that are on the terrorists’ bounty list. The bounties, according to him, vary from several thousand to dozens of thousands dollars.

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