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Terrorists in Sloviansk have lists of "undesirable" journalists – UN

16.05.2014, 21:00

Staff of media outlets in the Eastern Ukraine faces intimidations, kidnapping and illegal detention by members of paramilitary groups. This was reported in the new UN report on the situation with observance of human rights in Ukraine. The report especially emphasizes the worsening of the climate for media outlet in the Eastern Ukraine. Journalists, bloggers, and other employees of media outlets that work in the region or visit it face the growing threats and acts of intimidation, like kidnapping or illegal detention by paramilitary groups. The document also states that armed gunmen on checkpoints in Sloviansk have the lists of journalists and other persons with photos and personal information. The observers from the UN Office for Human Rights report that as of May 6 they were aware of at least 23 journalists, reporters, and photographers (both Ukrainian nationals and foreigners), who have been kidnapped or illegally detained, first of all, in Sloviansk". The report also mentions that in Ukraine, especially in the east and in Crimea, the fight goes on for control over mass media, who and where can broadcast, as several radio and TV stations were forced to stop broadcasting altogether. 

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