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Terrorists coordinate sites for bombardment with Russian and separatist TV channels - CNSD

06.08.2014, 23:50

Terrorists are bombarding objects in Donetska and Luhanska oblasts with mobile mortars so that Russian and pro-Russian media outlets can get the visuals to cause panic among local residents and to discredit the Ukrainian military. This was the statement made by Andriy Lysenko, the speaker for the Informational and analytical center of the Council of National Security and Defense.

The filming crews of the TV channels LifeNews, «Rossia 24», and «Luhansk 24» arrive to the bombarded sites immediately after the bombardments, so it seems like they knew beforehand where it would take place. In their news stories, they accuse the Ukrainian military of all casualties and destruction.

The Council of National Security and Defense believes the terrorists and journalists of Russian and separatist TV channels are coordinating their actions. 

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