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Ternopil police failed to register as crime complaint from “1+1” TV channel on obstruction to work

07.03.2019, 21:10
Photo credits: screeshot from TSN Tyzhden (1+1) The police in Ternopil did not enter the complaint filed by the journalists from the TV channel “1+1” to the National register of pre-trial investigations, the police is verifying the facts in conformity to the law “On appeals from the citizens”, as it is said in the official reply to the inquiry letter from IMI from the Main directorate of the National police in Ternopil region dated of March 4th . The police attested February 16th , they received a complaint from the journalists of the “Studio “1+1” on doings of the director of the “Veterinary and sanitary unit” who blocked with his car the car of the TV crew. As Ali Safarov, IMI lawyer, said such reaction of the police is breach to the law, as any report on crime must be registered respectively. “Within 24 hours after the filing of the complaint, the investigation officer is obliged to enter this complaint to the National register of pre-trial investigations. If during this period this was not done, this means the police failed to react, what is a delict. This entails a disciplinary liability and probably a criminal one”. IMI informed earlier, the journalists of the TV channel 1+1, program TSN Tyzhden, could not take video pictures for the story on illegitimate cattle burial sites near Ternopil, as to summarizing program of TSN Tyzhden of February 24th. On February 16th, TV crew of TSN tyzhden faced an aggressive attitude by the employees of veterinary sanitarian unit “Vetsanzavod” specialized in production of meat and bone meal tankage. The journalists were aiming to film the illegitimate cattle burial sites with thousands of tones of animal carcasses near Ternopil. “We were filming some enclosed sites of the Vetsanzavod from our service car, suddenly we were blocked by two cars. At first, it was a bus with Kyiv license plate, and then a car with Zaporizhzhya license plate definitely blocked the way. What could intimidate so much that so-called director that a Saturday morning near a facility near Ternopil which had turned bankrupt we were blocked by a bus with three persons inside ? We could get know from our sources of information that the cops were probing into facts of misappropriation of equipement of that company”, Andriy Orlyak journalist for TSN told. The journalists filed the respective complaint to the police.
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