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Technical Inventory Bureau hides salaries of its executives

31.01.2017, 12:29

Director of Mykolaiv Property Inventory and Registration Authority refused to give the information on salaries and bonuses of Bureau's executives to the journalist Andriy Lokhmatov. The journalist of Internet edition "Prestupnosti.NET" was told that this kind of information is confidential, IMI representative in Mykolaiv oblast informs.

The journalist made a request on the initials of the all deputies director ME "Mykolaiv Property Inventory and Registration Authority" and initials of the chief accountant, the number of employees in ME, wages, actually calculated with all allowances and charges, of director and all his deputies, and the chief accountant for the past six months, the size of their premiums and the average monthly salary of ME "MPIRA" inspector.

Volodymyr Ryzhyk, director of ME "MPIRA" refused to provide journalist with all this information, citing article 21 of the Law of Ukraine "On information" and Article 14 of the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection".

According to Ryzhyk, the required  information refers to property relations and personal data of employees.

"Data on non-property relations and material nature is confidential", - director of municipal enterprise said in response. ME "MPIRA" is not a disposar of required information.

"Andriy Petrovych, the employees of our company are deeply revere you as a talented journalist and a principled man with a pronounced social position. We are surprised with your curiosity, as earlier, you never paid attention to the activities of our company. And we are very surprised that you start acquaintance with our company in a purely narrow interest our employees' wages,"- director of the company wrote in follow-up letter. In the end, director of ME invites journalist for a personal meeting "in order to give comprehensive and objective information."

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