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Suspect of murder of Russian Forbes editor in chief not handed over to Russia

16.04.2019, 18:44
At present, Ukraine did not hand over Mahomed Dukuzov, suspect murder of Paul Khlebnikov, editor in chief of Russian Forbes, as to the General prosecutor’s Office’s reply to the inquiry letter sent by the Radio Free Europe as of April 15th. The GPO stated the resolution to transfer Mahomed Dukuzov to Russia had been signed on November 8th, 2017. “But physical transfer of above-mentioned person was adjourned until they adopt a definitive decision within the criminal proceedings instituted on the charges against M.I. Dukuzov committed on the territory of Ukraine, discharging of term of sentence issued by Ukraine court of justice or releasing from penalty based on any lawful grounds”, the GPO stated, failing to precise what crimes was about. \ Dated of April 11th, no definitive decision was taken within this criminal proceedings, thus no ruling was issued to fulfill physical transfer of Mahomed Dukuzov to Russia. To remind, on April 9th, several Russian mass media informed Ukraine adopted a decision to transfer Mahomed Dukuzov, suspect killer of Paul Khlebnikov, to Russi. The journalists cited the Russian Prosecutor General Yuriy Chayka. The official investigation stated Paul Khlebnikov was killed on June 9th, 2004, in Moscow by Dukuzov, who would acted for mercenary purposes.
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