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Supervisory Board suspended dismissal of Alasania till 6th of May

13.02.2019, 08:07
The chairman of National public broadcasting company of Ukraine (NPBU) Zurab Alasania is to exercise his function till May 6th 2019, according to the decision taken by the Supervisory Board of NPBU, as to Detektor Media. The proposition was made by Tetyana Lebedeva, member of SB. It was voted twice, first time 8 members of the Supervisory Board supported it, the second time this proposition expressed by Viktor Taran, this time 11 members of the board voted for, 3 members voted against (Vyacheslav Kozak, Evhen Glibovytsky, Oleksander Pavlichenko) and one member abstained from voting (Darya Karyakina). In conformity to the decision of the Supervisory Board of NPBU as to termination of the contract dated of January 31st 2019, Zurab Alasania had to quit his position after two weeks term, February 19th. In conformity to this new decision dated of February 12th, the contract with Zurab Alasania is to be suspended on May 6th 2019. “As to the regulations, we have only one date to depart from, this is minimu 2 weeks. No maximum term is fixed. The lawyers explained to us and to the company that we could fix next date of termination of the contract. I don’t think there is a breach to dispositions. If the court of law takes another decision, we will gather in extraordinary meeting and will examine t”, Sviitlana Ostapa, deputy chairman of the Supervisory Board told. Altogether, there were 3 options: to withdraw the decision of the Supervisory board of January 31st 2019 filed by Evhen Glibovytsky, to suspend the contract after the presidential election on May 6th filed by Tetyana Lebedeva and to suspend the contract after the parliamentary election on November 1st. As IMI informed earlier, on February 12th, Evhen Glibovytsky, member of the Supervisory board of NPBU claimed he had filed a lawsuit against the decision of the Supervisory Board dated of January 31st about the anticipatory termination of the contract with the chairman of the board Zurab Alasania. On January 31st, the Supervisory board of NPBU adopted the decision to dismiss the chairman of NPBU Zurab Alasania from office. The same day Zurab Alasania commented this decision on saying he was to bring the case to court.
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