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Supervisory board approved new structure of Public TV and radio broadcasting company

05.02.2019, 19:00
The new structure of the National public TV and radio broadcasting company of Ukraine is approved by the Supervisory board on the 31st of January, as Detektor Media informed citing Svitlana Ostapa, secretary of the supervisory board. The management board will include now the chairman of the board and six members of the board responsible for television, radio, news and digital department, development, regions, operational and financial issues. The NSTU will be composed of four directions: -TV direction (UA:Pershy, UA:Cultura, technical department, department of TV production, administration of archives and adaptation; administration of content purchase and sell; administration of external communications; administration of marketing and advertisement); -Ukrainian radio direction (Pershy kanal, UR-2 Promin, UR-3 Culture; Radio-Production; administration of beyond-studio radio production; administration of external communications; administration of marketing and advertisement; association of artistic collectives Musika): -news direction (news department; special projects department; digital platforms department); -regional broadcasting direction (regional content administration; department UA:Crimea; department UA:Kyiv, department of branch offices coordination); Besides that, the structure is to include the department of communications with mass media and the public, the department of interaction with government bodies, the department of international cooperation, management of risks, the second section, the management of content and broadcasting standards monitoring, the anticorruption authorized department, the marketing department and work to audiences, the strategic planning department and business forward modeling, the administration of coordination and content production, the technical direction, the lawyer department, the security department, the service department, the department of commercial activity, the financial direction, the department of digital technologies, HR department. Totally, there will be 1 982 -2 781 staffing positions. As to the regional broadcasting, no change is envisaged, 22 branch offices will function involving between 1 900 and 2 400 staffing positions.
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