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Sumy reporters provide first aid to a woman wounded by a Russian strike

20.04.2023, 14:32
Photo: screenshot from the video by Kordon.Media
Photo: screenshot from the video by Kordon.Media

Reporters from the Sumy newspaper "Kordon.Media" provided first aid to a civilian woman who had been injured by the Russian shelling attack on the Rychkiv community, Sumy oblast.

This was reported to the IMI by Alyona Yatsyna, the media outlet's executive and IMI representative in Sumy oblast.

According to her, on April 18, they were on their way to a different community to film, but learned that Richky village had been shelled and that there was a severely wounded woman in one of the ruined yards. The medics had not yet arrived, so the reporters provided assistance, as they had tactical medicine and first aid skills.

The wounded woman died in the ambulance vehicle, but the journalists decided to tell this story nonetheless and called on Ukrainians to take first aid courses.

"We, the Kordon.Media team, were on our way from Sumy to to Esman community to film a report; we got to Bilopillya and learned that the Richky community (a neighboring community, 10-15 minutes away – Ed.) had been shelled. Our sources said that the village was first targeted with barrel artillery, and then with rocket fire. The locals said that the Russians had been hitting the civilian households had destroyed some. Since we were not far away, we immediately went back there and arrived in the village after the shelling ended," the journalist said.

The reporters planned to record the aftermath of the shelling, but had to provide first aid to a civilian while waiting for an ambulance instead.

"One of the old lady's legs was torn off, the other was severely injured, her hands and entire body were covered in shrapnel cuts. When we entered the yard, the lady had been unconscious for over 10 minutes, but was still breathing. This was determined after the fact, when the whole situation was analyzed, but on the spot we were told that much less time had passed. We applied the tourniquets, examined the lady and handed her over to the military medics, who passed her over to the ambulance. We did everything we could have done at that moment. The old woman died on the way to the hospital. She was 83 years old. Everyone whose fault this war is will pay for it," said the IMI representative.

The media decided to post the video to encourage their colleagues and other civilians to take first aid classes.

"Why did we share this story? We thought that maybe this video would motivate someone to take a first aid class. You never know when you might need it. Having a tourniquet on hand and knowing how to use it is a must for everyone. Because blood loss is one of the most frequent causes of death. Don't waste your time! It is necessary to understand that if there is at least one percent probability of saving someone's life, it is worth doing. Even if you don't succeed, as was the case with us today, for example... at least you will realize that you did your best," said Alyona Yatsyna.

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