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Street in Izyum renamed after Oleksandr Makhov

27.12.2022, 10:13

Ostrovsky St. in Izyum has been renamed in honor of the deceased journalist and soldier Oleksandr Makhov.

Deputy Mayor of Izyum, Volodymyr Matsokin, announced this.

"We commemorate and engrave in our memory the names of Izyum citizens who died in this war. Prominent Ukrainians such as Vyacheslav Chornovol, Diana Petrynenko, Valery Lobanovsky, Roman Shukhevich, Levko Lukyanenko get their rightful places in local toponymy," wrote Matsokin.

He also added that Izyum will also have streets named after Steve Jobs and Golda Meir.

Here is the list of the renamed places:

Alyabyev St. was renamed to Valery Lobanovsky St.;

Borodina St. – to Dmytro Yavornytsky St.;

Volodymyr Vysotsky St. – to Steve Jobs St.;

Squadron St. – to Roman Kyrylov St.;

General Kostenko St. – to Maksym Poravka St.;

Krasnoyarsk St. – to Ruslan Kramarenko St.;

Oleksandr Ostrovsky St. – to Oleksandr Makhov St.;

Panfilova St. – to Golda Meir St.;

Putiyna St. – to Roman Shukhevich St.;

Izyum State Farm St. – to Mariupol St.;

Rokossovsky St. – to Yaroslav the Wise St.;

Serov St. – to Eduard Kopychko St.;

Viktor Tsoi St. – to Kuzma Scryabin St.;

Tsushima St. – to Vyacheslav Chornovol St.;

Chelyuskin St. – to Levko Lukyanenko St.;

Chernyshevsky St. – to Diana Petrynenko St.;

Chernyakhivsky St. – to Bucha St.;

March 8 St. – to Irpin St.;

Druzhby St. – to Valentyna Cherevko St.

Oleksandr Makhov, journalist and serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was killed in action on May 4 near Izyum, Kharkiv oblast. He was 36 years old. In civilian life, Oleksandr worked for the channels "Dom", "Ukraina", and "Ukraina 24".

A month before his death, he recorded a video for Anastasia Blyshchyk, proposing to her with a hand grenade ring instead of an engagement ring.

He was posthumously awarded an Order "For Courage" III degree.

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