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“StopCor” considers as untruthful statement of press service of Odessa judge

02.07.2019, 19:28
The editorial board of the "Stop Corruption" project considers the press service of the Kyiv district court in Odessa provided an inaccurate information, as to the relevant letter sent to IMI. In particular, the journalists qualified as false the allegations sounded by the court in Odessa saying that “StopCor” has been "systematically disseminating some inaccurate information" on Chunchkin and his family members and on ruling of the Ovidiopolsky district court of the Odessa region dated of 12/14/2018. "Firstly, there was no litigation between StopCor and Serрey Chwмnkin, this is confirmed by public judicial registers, including the single national register of court decisions. Moreover, we reviewed all court decisions made on December 14, 2018 by the Ovidiopolsky district court in Odessa and found out that the judge Serhiy Chvankin had been in fact plaintiff in one of the cases, but the claims were filed against Andriy Tretyak. This person has nothing to do with the "Stop Corruption" project or the StopCor Journalist Investigation Program, "the “StopCor” statement said. Secondly, the journalists said they had not diffused "any inaccurate information about Mr. Chunchkin.". "We express our sincere and deep concern about the incidents related to Mr. Chvankin, cynical attacks that have been committed against our journalists in Odessa. And in connection with the recent incidents involving persecution of mass media in Ukraine and the infliction of bodily injuries and even the death to the journalists. The editorial board is concerned and fear for the lives and health of its employees, "the editorial board said. IMI reported that on June 27, in Odessa some unidentified young men threatened the “Stop Corruption” TV crew and rammed their car, as to “StopCore”. The incident occurred, as the journalists were preparing a story covering activities of the chairman of the Kiev district court of Odessa Sergei Chvankin. The “StopCor” journalists found the attack to be related to their investigation of abuse of office and misinformation made public by the head of the Kiev district court in Odessa Serhiy Chvankin. The journalists got to the territory of the luxury housing complex “Oasis”, where the judge had purchased an estate worth a million dollars. “The journalists could shoot the house, where the judge lives, afterwards their car was followed and then near the courthouse a car smashed into their parked car. And our colleague-driver was at this moment inside”, – the “StopCor” reported. As the driver told, the collision was arranged deliberately. “I was sitting at the driver’s seat and felt an impact. The red car “Zhyguli” smashed the left side. After that, he drove 3-4 meters forward and stopped “, – he said. According to the journalist Asya Shevchenko, the judge Serhiy Chvankin might be behind this incident. “We believe that the judge Chvankin ordered this ram attack. Because, the accident occurred after his elite house was filmed and it occurred close the courthouse he presides “, said the journalist for “StopCore “Asya Shevchenko. Journalists called the police. The police qualified the incident under the part 1 of Art. 345-1 (“Threat or violence targeting the journalist”) of the Criminal Code, as to the website of the National Police in the Odessa region.
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