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“Stop corruption” expelled from Global investigative journalism network

07.03.2019, 18:05
Фото -
The project of journalistic investigations “Stop corruption” is expelled from the Global investigative journalism network (GIJN) due to lack to professionalism and collision of interests. Such decision was confirmed February 15th by the board of directors, as David Kaplan, Executive director told to Detektor media. “On September 18th, 2018 the board voted unanimously to exclude “Stop corruption”. The board considered the group was too much involved in political activity and there were some disturbing signals as to lack of journalistic professionalism and as to collision of interests. “stop corruption” appealed this decision of the board of directors and a hearing was held involving the committee of the board of directors of GIJN. The next vote was held February 15th 2019 and unanimously confirmed the decision to exclude “Stop corruption”. “Stop corruption” is no more member of GIJN”, as Davide Kaplan told. This is for the very first time in the history of GIJN, network which united the journalists from 173 countries, as Oleksander Kurbatov told in his article “Stop corruption”: hereditary disease”. The author of this article said there was a question of “some doubtful stories which discredited all work of journalists of the project aired by the presidential TV 5th channel. The journalistic investigations frequently are blamed to be commissioned, the author told, but usually journalistic community does not pay attention to such accusations. But sometimes even the colleagues journalists start speaking on suspicions of commissioned materials. In particular, Kurbatov mentioned some investigations of “Stop corruption”, which seemed to be lobbying of developer’s interests, more than investigation (a story about housing development in Osokorky). Moreover, there were three stories on pastor Volodymyr Muntyan, where “Stop corruption” “acted a advertisement agency” more than journalists. “They filmed even the persons who would recovered from deadly disease who rejected to go to hospital and then were cured thanks to commercial prayers”, Kurbatov wrote. Detektor Media asked coordinators of “Stop corruption” Roman Bochkala and Taras Lylyk to comment on the situation, but at the moment of its publication Detektor Media got no reply. “Stop corruption” is ngo headed by several high-ranking public officials linked to building and construction works: Lev Parkhaladze and Taras Lylyk. Lev Parkhaladze told “I do not deal with “Stopcor”. I don’t have any information on it”.
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