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STB journalist disrupted interview of colleague as she thought he was from Russian TV channel NTV

06.02.2015, 22:27

On February 5, in the Verkhovna Rada a journalist of the TV channel STB Yulia Yanchar disrupted an interview the filming crew of the TV channel “Socialna Kraina” was taking with MP Volodymyr Parasiuk, as she believed they were from a Russian TV channel. This was reported in the story by “Socialna Kraina.”

The journalist accused the editor of the “Socialna Kraina”'s informational department Mykola Riznyk of cooperating with the Russian TV channel NTV. Although, she failed to produce any proof of her claim. She believed that this cooperation was manifested in him having a black microphone with no insignia. Yanchar demanded that Riznyk showed his journalist ID, offended him, disrupted the recording and encouraged the MP to do the same. The MP, too, began to threaten the journalist.  

The TV channel “Socialna Kraina” demands an official apology from Yanchar and the TV channel STB.

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