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State TV and Radio Company "Krym" fired director of editorial office of Crimena Tatar programs

02.07.2014, 23:32

The director of the editorial office of Crimena Tatar programs in the State TV and Radio Company «Krym» Seitisliam Kishveyev was removed from his position based on the result of the internal investigation. The company's new Russian management fired the renowned Crimean journalist based on the Ukrainian law. He was first offered to leave voluntarily, but he refused, so they fired him based on his failure to perform his professional duties. As the formal reason it was quoted that the editorial office failed to organize word-for-word translation of Crimena Tatar programs into Russian. According to Kishveyev, he has been trying to organize translation of Crimena Tatar programs, but the company gave no funds for the necessary equipment or for translators.

Earlier, the editorial office's editor Shevket Haniyev was removed from his position in a similar way, but he went to court and was restored in his position, although under a contract, which will be terminated immediately after its end date.

According to Kishveyev, the current situation in the Crimena Tatar editorial office is pretty similar to the times of the Soviets' Great Purge — employees are being persecuted for their opinions and reluctance to support the management without any hesitation. He believes the positions in the editorial office are being vacated for those more loyal to the new authorities

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