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State Property Fund in Kyiv to journalist’s request answered they accept only "originals"

30.05.2017, 16:47

The section of records and control of the Regional Department of the State Property Fund of Ukraine in the city of Kyiv in its response to the journalist’s request informed that according to the instruction on record keeping accepts for processing only original letters. This was reported by Natalia Minaylo, the journalist of the media outlet Delo.UA, reports “Dostup Do Pravdy”.

In her request, Natalia asked to provide information about the bus terminals in the rayon of Teremky – about closing down or renovation of the Central Bus Terminal located near the subway station “Demiyivska”, and shift of routes to the bus terminal near the subway station “Teremky”.

The answer does not explicate what they mean by original letters. “Dostup” guesses they meant letters with the requester’s signature.

The media outlet reminds that “according to the Law of Ukraine “On Access to Public Information” the request should contain a requester’s signature only if the request is submitted in hard copy. A request in email does not require a digital signature or an attached scanned signed request”.

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