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Son of fired First deputy to Secretary of National security and defense council Hladkovsky sues “Nashy groshi”

05.03.2019, 13:31
Ihor Hladkovsky, son of the First deputy to the Secretary of the National security and defense council Oleg Hladkovsky, filed a defamation lawsuit against the journalists of the program Nashy Groshi (Our money) Denys Bihus and Lesya Ivanova, as to February 21st, IMI informed the journalist Denys Bihus for Bihus.Info claimed its journalists are under surveillance, the surveillance would be caused, as to him, by the investigation made by its journalist Lesya Ivanova on corruption at defense sector. February 25th, in the program “Nashi Groshi” the journalists of Bihus.Info made public the results of them journalistic investigation on corruption at defense sector. The investigation made public by Bihus.Info revealed that Ihor Hladkovskyi and his partners had been providing double or even four times higher overcharged contraband pieces and parts from Ukrainian military units through some front companies. The journalists told that in the Autumn 2018, they had received an anonymous letter citing the participants of those deals and after having verified this information, the journalists came to conclusion these facts were truth. As to Bihus.Info the embezzlement was up to 250 millions of hryvnias ($ 9 millions) at least. The authors of investigation claimed Oleg Hladkovskyi would be involved to these deals, as in the past he was a business partner of Petro Poroshenko, actual head of state, and Pavlo Bukin, head of public corporate group Ukroboronprom (Ukrainian defense industry) and other heads of enterprises and functionaries. February 26th, Ihor Hladkovskiy, son of the First deputy to the Secretary of the National security and defense council Oleh Hladkovskyi is to sue the Bihus.Info for defamation. March 4th, president Poroshenko fired the National Security and Defense Council deputy secretary Oleg Gladkovsky.
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