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Since the beginning of the year, 50 cases of violations of journalists' rights registered in Ukraine — IMI

13.04.2016, 02:35

In the first quarter of the current year, IMI registered 50 cases of violations of the rights of journalists on the non-occupied territory of Ukraine. Together with the occupied Crimea (9) and the territories of Donetska and Luhanska oblasts (2), the number of such cases is 61. This is the data of the Institute of Mass Information monitoring «Freedom of press barometer».

In most cases, the registered violations were obstruction to legal journalist activities — 17 cases, threats and intimidation — 11 cases, and also seven cases of assault and battery against journalists. Region-wise, the most cases of violations of freedom of press were registered in Kyiv — in three months, IMI registered 15 such facts. Odeska oblast is on the second place with 4 cases, the third place was shared by six oblasts with 3 cases each.

In most cases, the journalists’ right to practice their profession was violated by civilian (15) and unidentified (14) people. Local authorities also made it to top three violators of freedom of press — 7 cases.

«We detected intensification of violation of journalists' rights by local authorities. Because the information about violations of journalists' rights locally usually does not travel far, the authorities gradually intensify their pressure. We advise the journalists not to sweep such cases under the carpet, but expose them instead», IMI expert Kateryna Diachuk commented.

Also, in the occupied Crimea, pressure against journalists from the judicial power, military, police and law-enforcers of Russia continues. Ukrainian journalists are denied entrance to the territory of the peninsula, detained without a good reason, and access to pro-Ukrainian websites is blocked there. 

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