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Since February, Ukraine has lost 284 frequencies, 164 broadcasters went off the air – NCTRB

13.05.2022, 11:53

Ukraine has lost 284 frequencies since February 24, and 164 Ukrainian broadcasters have gone off the air.

This was announced by the head of the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting Olha Herasimyuk at the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA) meeting in Antwerp.

According to her, the russian propaganda media have been launching broadcasts using our frequencies, and the number of those are growing constantly due to the war.

She reminded that due to the annexation of Crimea in 2014, Ukraine has lost, and russia has started using, 503 frequencies with no legal grounds. 175 frequencies have been lost in the territories of the so-called “DPR” and “LPR.”

Herasimyuk also said that the National Council had created "maps of solidarity and support" marking which countries have blocked most of the available russian channels (Russia Today and Sputnik).

She called on European media regulators to continue the unification process to further counter russian disinformation.

"Each of your letters on countering ruscist propaganda, each of your responses that contained the words 'banned,' 'shut down,' 'canceled,' 'suspended,' has inspired us, strengthened our hope, evoked boundless gratitude, and gave us an invaluable sense of unity. … More than 20 regulators have informed us about their decisive steps. What we understood exactly during the war is that total misinformation and cynical distortion of reality, which are powerful weapons of russia, unfortunately, can not be countered by conventional military means. ... That is why I am here – to call on you to help, not only for my country, I ask you to continue the process of unification for an even more intense and closer confrontation with the common threat and enemy," said the head of the National Council.

As IMI reported, on February 27, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced that the EU would ban the broadcast of the kremlin-controlled Russia Today, Sputnik, and their affiliates on its territory.

On March 2, the EU urgently stopped broadcasting russian state media outlets Sputnik and RT / Russia Today in the European Union.

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