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Since beginning of the year, 61 journalists have used IMI’s protective gear for working in war zone

17.07.2015, 02:01

Since the beginning of the year, IMI provided support with protective equipment for detached service in the Anti-Terrorist Operation zone for 61 journalists (both Ukrainian and foreign).

In January-June of 2015, for free-of-charge temporary use by journalists, the following equipment was provided: 4th protection grade armored vest with side-plates — 58 times, Kevlar helmets — 13 times, SOFT tourniquets — 10 times, and two pairs of tactical glasses.

«Presently, IMI has 34 armored vests and 7 helmets that it is constantly dispensing as free lease to journalists, freelancers, photographers, camera operators and fixers, — says IMI lawyer Maksym Ratushnyi. “Yet, this is not enough, all equipment is in use almost all the time. So, if someone has an opportunity to present us high-quality armored vests (preferably blue) or Kevlar helmets — more journalists will be protected in the war zone.»

Also, IMI conducts two- and four-day trainings for journalists, who work in the war zone, including first aid training, how to behave in the area of hostilities, and practical training in conditions identical to battle. 

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