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"She just followed the journalist Aseyev on social media": ex-POW on the "reasons" civilian hostage Olha Meleshchenko was imprisoned

30.06.2023, 17:48
Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

The alleged reason for the detention of Olha Meleshchenko, a civilian hostage of the Russian occupiers, is following the social media of journalist and author Stanislav Aseyev, who survived 28 months in the "Izolyatsia" torture camp, imprisoned by the "DPR" militants.

Ex-POW Lyudmila Huseynova spoke about this in the program "Free Our Family" on Hromadske Radio.

"She had her own story. She just followed Aseyev (Stanislav Aseyev. – Ed.) on social media. She was just following him to read his posts. But in the so-called 'DNR' he is a big 'criminal', and everyone who even mentioned him, let alone follow him, falls under this 'crime', and this was the reason for making her case classified.

"Everything they deemed classified was compiled in a separate volume, and she could not read it, they did not allow her even to learn what exactly she was being accused of. She was not allowed a lawyer. She was assigned a lawyer who said: 'That's it, no future life for you,'" she said.

Olha Meleshchenko is a civilian from Donetsk held hostage by the Russians. Olha was imprisoned by the Russians in 2020 for liking tweets. The occupiers accused her of espionage. The woman is being held in the Donetsk PTDC. Her underage children are waiting for her at home. The youngest son was only four years old when his mother was imprisoned.

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