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Shabunin considers the case against him to be initiated by politicians who lose from the struggle against corruption

17.08.2017, 00:04
Head of the  the board of the Center for Counteraction to Corruption Vitaliy Shabunin stated that the case against him was initiated from the top by politicians who are at a disadvantage from struggle against corruption. He told about this on August 16 after he was officially announced a suspect, Espreso.TV informs. “For the political elite of Ukraine anti-corruption reforms are a problem, and they want to roll them back”, Shabunin said. According to him, Ukrainian authorities try to roll back the anti-corruption reforms that were already implemented, and the criminal case against him is related to this. Також він повідомив, що запобіжний захід йому буде обрано сьогодні у другій половині дня. As reported before, on August 16 the head of the board of the Center for Counteraction to corruption Vitaliy Shabunin was declared a suspect of causing medium-gravity  injuries to Vsevolod Filiminenko, who introduced himself as a journalist. This can entail punishment of up to five years in prison. On June 8, in Kyiv, near Dniprovskyi district military enlistment office, a conflict emerged between Vitaliy Shabunin and video-blogger of the channel “Holos Narodu” Vsevolod Filimonenko. In the Internet, there is a video where Filimonenko asks something, and Shabunin hits him in response. On Shabunin's way out of the military enlistment office, Filimonenko attacked him back and sprayed Shabunin and other journalists who were nearby. Both Shabunin and Filimonenko called police and ambulance to the site. The court is now choosing a pre-trial restrictive measure for Shabunin.
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