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Several dozens journalists injured when working on EuroMaidan protest rallies

09.12.2013, 11:46

At least 26 journalists were beaten or otherwise injured when covering the EuroMaidan protest rallies. More then five of them got injuries when covering the today’s clashes on Bankova street in Kyiv.

The first data about harassment of mass media representatives were gathered by social media users. Media trainer Zoya Kazanzhi, with assistance of IMI, compiled a list of news photographers and journalists. This and other data is listed below:

1. Hromadske.TV journalists Dmytro Gnap and Yakiv Liubchych - beaten, cameras broken, thumb drives taken away;

2. Channel 5 filming crew – journalist Natalya Zhyzhko and cameraman Yuriy Usik – were injured by stones thrown at them; 

3. Reuters photographer Glib Garanich – head injured due to Berkut’s attack;

4. Journalist of the Information Agency «Poriad Z Vamy» Dmytro Prikhna – head injured by attacking police, despite him having the journalist badge;   

5. Euronews camera operator Roman Kupriyanov. When filming on Bankova street, he ignored the order of Berkut fighters to stop filming, and they beat him aiming for his hands. Now, he is in hospital due to the injuries;

6. Polish journalist Pawel Peniazek (Pawel Pieni??ek). When he was covering the events near the Presidential Administration, he was hit in his head by Berkut fighters at least 10 times;

7. LIGABusinessInform photojournalist Oleksander Perevoznyk. When covering the clashes on Bankova street, he was brutally attacked by around 8 riot police fighters. He stated that he was press, and still they punched him in the head, and damaged his camera;

8. Ukrainskiy Tyzhden journalist Valeria Burlakova. When she worked on Bankova street, a sound bomb exploded under her feet, and ambulance had to be called for her; 

 9. Journalist of Ukrainska Pravda and Hromadske.TV Mustafa Nayem. On Bankova, his head was hit. In addition, he suffered from a gas attack;

 10. LB.UA Maks Levin. He was filming on Bankova and suffered serious contusions and bruising.

11. Danish journalist Johannes Vamberg Andersen. On the eve of November 30, after the crackdown of Kyiv pro-European rally, police officers was interfering with him filming and hit him on the head several times;

12. Editor-in-chief of Zhytomyr newspaper 20 Khvylyn Vlad Puchych;

13. AFP journalist Serhiy Supynskiy’s legs were injured, when he was covering the pro-European rally in Kyiv;

14. Insider news photographer Maksym Kudynets. Berkut fighters were beating him, and also were intentionally aiming for his photo camera;

15. Associated Press journalist Serhiy Chuzavkov – hospitalized with a head injury after the clashes between rally members and police in Kyiv: his face was hit with a stone;

16. Camera operator of the Ukrainian TV channel UBR (name and surname to be identified).

17. Ukrainska Pravda journalist Dmytro Larin. A Berkut fighter ignored his orange jacket, tore his journalist badge, and hit him several times;

18. Photographer Anatoliy Stepanov. Riot police injured his head and broke his arm – in spite of his declarations that he was a journalist;

19. News photographer ivan Chernichkin got leg injures from a sound bomb on Bankova street;

20. Camera operator Oleksander Zakletsky was beaten by police;

21. Anton Chernyshov from the Independent Journalist Trade Union – was beaten, his camera was taken from him and thrashed to pieces;

22. Journalist of the TV program «Groshi» Denys Danko was injured in the head;

23. Channel 5 camera operator Ivan Nakonechny was beaten by riot police, who during the mass rally were pulling him on the ground and tried to throw him over the fence;

24. Ukrainski Tyzhden correspondent Stanislav Kozliuk was beaten by a Berkut fighter during the confrontation near the Cabinet of Ministers on November 24;

25. Journalist and co-founder of the Vidia diaspora media portal Natalaia Figel (Chicago). During the peaceful rally in support of the European integration, an unknown man assaulted hwe and tried to thrash her camera.

26. Yaroslav Galata from Demokratychna Ukraina – a sound bomb went off at his feet, he got scratches;

27. photographer Mykhailo Zagorsky – on Bankova street was hit with a truncheon in his face, his temple bleeding, was treated on site in an ambulance. He was filming sitting on a window seal, and saw how camera operators and photographers were beaten, jumped down and tried to escape, was showing his journalist ID and shouting that he was press, his ID was knocked out of his hands and he was beaten with a truncheon;

28. Komentari correspondent Dmytro Kachura – he was hit in the back by a stone a Berkut fighter threw at him;

29. Ukrainski Novyny journalist Yevhen Golovenko – lost consciousness near the Presidential Administration after a flash and bang grenade was thrown under his feet; received first aid on site;

30. Oleg Khavruk, deputy editor-in-chief – an injury to the head (got several stitches), contusions to his arm and back as a result of Berkut’s attack at the crossing of Bankova and Instytutska streets;

31. EPA European Pressphoto Agency photographer Sergiy Dolzhenko was injured;

32. Yevhen Feldmand, "Novaia Gazeta", Moscow – was hit by a stone near the monument to Lenin;

33. Tsensor.Net editor-in-chief Yuriy Butusov – an injury to the head;

34. Emin Kalantarov, LifeNews, Moscow - Berkut fighters injured his arm and thrashed the camera;

35. Sergiy Polezhaka, freelancer – received blows to his hands and to his camera, the lens was damaged.  


«Telekrytyka» keeps updating and gathering information concerning attacks on journalists during EuroMaidan protest rallies. 

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