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Security of Medvedchuk detained journalists for program “Our money”

21.03.2019, 22:04
Photo creditsM Bihus:info On March 20th, in Pushcha Voditsa the journalists of the program ‘Our money with Denys Bihus” Maksym Opanasenko, Mariya Zemlyanska and cameraman Kyrylo Shapar were detained by employees of the security firm linked to Viktor Medvedchuk when they were filming the material for their report. The journalists 112th channel and NewsOne came to place as well. The journalist Maksym Opanasenko told it at his Facebook page and confirmed it to IMI correspondent. “We went the daytime, our drone aircraft flew over some lot in Pushcha. (…) A black Mitsubishi arrived. I had seen this car earlier, it belongs to security firm “Storm” (“Svarog” in the past). This firm is protecting Medvedchuk. Four men got out of the car, they formulated a blame saying : a. we had filmed the villa of Medvedchuk (no need, the villa had been filmed with drones for so many times, dozens of video of it is online); b. as to them, an attempt against Medvedchuk’s life is preparing and this is very possible we are paid by instigators of it”. As Opanasenko told, one of security men was armed with hunting knife. The guards told they called the police. But the policemen did not see reasons to detein the journalists. After the police went away, the journalists were going to take the shuttle bus, but th guards “scared the bus driver out of his wits” and suggested to wait for their lawyer. At that moment the journalists of 112 channel and NewsOne came to the site in order to film detention of criminals, as they said. Then the lawyer came and called once more the police. As a result four units of cops . They could not get how 3 journalists could put in danger 15 armed security guards of “Storm”. They let us go in peace. But “”Storm” guards followed us one hour and half after it. As Opanasenko said to IMI they “were filmimg the material for a story on state villas in Pushha Voditsa. Not at all about Medvedchuk”. He added they did not file complaint to police, because the police was reluctant and asked advice to the security guards of Medvedchuk all the time. The lawyer of the program is going to prepare the complaint after analysis of the video of the incident.
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