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Security firm blamed journalists of "Schemes" program with intrusion to Akhmetov’s privacy

25.02.2019, 17:56
The security firm “Delta-Donbas” rejected the accusation they surveilled the TV crew of the program “Schemes”, as it is said in a reply to the letter sent by the TV channel “Ukraina”. Instead, the security firm blamed the journalists with intrusion to the privacy of Rinat Akhmetov and illegitimate fact finding. Also, the security firm claimed that during several last months, more than 200 times, some unknown person have been surveilling and filming with a disguised camera several objects controlled by the firm, it was the SCM office, a private residential property of stockholder without identifying themselves as journalists. “We respect the journalists who work professionally and openly, we support them. As to “spy methods” that, as we got to know it now, had been organized by some persons of mass media,m the Delta-Donbas company is ready to provide the law enforcement bodies with all necessarily information, for the purpose that the police could make the conclusions who were those persons who broke the current legislation”. IMI informed that during last six months, the journalist Mykhaylo Tkach and the TV crew of the program “Schemes” had been systematically followed by the security guards of the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov.
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