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Secret service of Ukraine explains why they didn't let some journalists to Karachun

07.12.2016, 17:59

The spokeswoman of the Secret Service of Ukraine Olena Hitlianska said that members of the media who had limited access to the opening of TVtower at the Karachun (Donetsk region) on Dec.5 are involved in criminal proceedings. So for the safety Security service approved appropriate decision. The spokeswoman announced it on her page in Facebook.

She stressed that the Security service and other law enforcement agencies "very meticulously relate to the security measures, especially during events with participation of leadership of the state " in the area of anti-terroristic operations. 

"Members of the media who had limited access to the event, according to available information, are involved in criminal proceedings, including illegal possession of weapons or didn't provide guards with documents confirming their identities. There are no possibilities to quickly find out the details of the situation, especially in the "field" conditions, so to ensure the safety of the event, they were restricted to the event ", - she said. She noted that the decision was taken only against individuals, not the media, from which they have applied. "All accredited media had an unimpeded opportunity to highlight the event," - said the spokeswoman.

Hitlianska also stressed that the legislation gives law enforcements the right to restrict access to sites when there are security measures and grounds for this. "So the decision was made for safety. The Security Service of Ukraine is doing everything possible to ensure the unimpeded work of journalists, despite the difficult situation in the country ", - she said.

In addition, the spokeswoman added, that leadership of the Secret service of Ukraine carefully check the expediency of actions in limiting access to the event for journalists.

As IMI informed the "Do TeBe" TV channel (branch of the National Television Company of Ukraine "Donetsk Regional Directorate") claims that the Security Service of Ukraine and the Department of State Guard inhibit the work of Pavlo Palahuty, the journalist of the channel, at the opening of the TV tower at the Karachun Mount Dec.5.

The channel considers unacceptable the selectivity assumption of journalists to public official events with the President of Ukraine participation.

4 journalists missed the grand opening of TV tower on Dec. 5 at Karachun in Sloviansk, because of accusations in criminal offenses. There were reporters of Espreso.TV, journalists from a local newspaper, and operator from the "DonbasPublicTV".

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