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"Scary, but cool!" – propagandist speaks about seeing the remains of Ukrainian soldiers at the Azovstal plant

26.03.2024, 15:32

Ksenia Misiurevich, collaborationism suspect and propagandist for the pro-Kremlin channel Mariupol 24, says that she saw the remains of Ukrainian soldiers in the vaults of the Azovstal steel plant.

The recording of her speech was posted by the former director of the TV channel MTB (where Misiurevich worked before the occupation), Ukrainian journalist Mykola Osychenko, who received the video from a source.

In the video, Misiurevich describes her trip to the Azovstal ruins with the Mariupol 24 filming crew. She was speaking at the annual Russian state forum "Soobschestvo" in Voronezh in late summer of 2023.

"It is entirely possible that before February 24, 2022 Ksenia could have talked to the soldiers whose remains she later gloated at in her studio. Russia deliberately molds our people in the occupied territories into thoughtless slaves, and they go to certain death like lemmings, with the maniacal confidence of a herd. Unfortunately, their morals and empathy are completely dead," Mykola Osychenko said, commenting on the actions of his former subordinate.

"It was the coolest filming session in my life. We were in the basements, we saw the remains..." Ksenia Misiurevich speaks about seeing the remains of Ukrainian soldiers at the Azovstal. Screenshot from the video posted on Mykola Osychenko's Telegram channel.

In the video, Ksenia Misiurevich excitedly shares what she saw on the premises of the destroyed Azovstal steel plant.

"Just last week, I was filming at the Azovstal for the first time in my life, and it was the coolest filming session. We were filming in the basements, we saw the remains of Ukrainian soldiers, we saw weapon caches. We walked along the paths no one had walked before: a sapper was walking in front of me, ten meters away, and I was following him. It was very scary, but very cool!” says Ksenia Misiurevich.

The propagandist also claims that two hours after their visit to the Azovstal, "there were missile hits".

Video from Mykola Osychenko's Telegram channel

In October 2023, the Security Service of Ukraine issued a collaborationism suspicion notice to Ksenia Misiurevich, the propagandist for the pro-Kremlin channel "Mariupol 24".

Misiurevich majored in journalism at the Mariupol State University. When the city was occupied, she got a job as a Mariupol 24 correspondent, where she tried to smear the Ukrainian army in her reports and offered distorted information about the events that occurred during the battles for Mariupol.

According to the SBU, Misiurevich was the presenter of a propaganda film about Azovstal, where she claimed that the Ukrainian soldiers "forcibly kept" civilians in the plant's basements.

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