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SBU: Journalist from Zaporizhia turns out to be Kremlin agent

22.02.2017, 15:46

Pavlo Zolotarev (aka Facebook Pavlo Miasoedov) journalist and editor of "New Region" outlet fell under SBU telephone tapping. According to presented records, the journalist talked with a Russian intermediary about budget for measures aimed at promoting autonomist movements.
At the same record, Zolotarev communicates with another intermediary, negotiates and, apparently, makes arrangments for a number of publications in Zhytomyr media and speeches of politicians.

The third fragment of the record, Zolotarev communicates with another intermediary about money transfer to Moscow.
The records of those conversations were made in November, last year.
They were released at the joint press conference of the head of the SBU Vasyl Hrytsak and Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko, on February 21. The main issue of the press conference was the protests taking place in Ukraine during 18-22 February.

Zolotarev, until recently, was well known as PR and blogger in Zaporizhia. Vasyl Hrytsak informed that Pavlo Zolotarev appears in criminal proceedings, as a man who once was a member of the "Ukrainian choice" and received instructions from the Kremlin agent. Hrytsak told this before he showed the records.

Head of the Security Service also said that people, they were bugging havea specific goal, and it is a promotion of so-called "hidden federalization." Hrytsak called "Social Zaporizhia" among organizations that are focused on such work.


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