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SBU detained FSB agent who used cover of editor-in-chief of online media outlet

26.10.2014, 00:32

On October 23, near Kyiv SBU (the Security Service of Ukraine) detained a citizen of the Russian Federation, Moscow resident Nikolai Grechishkin, who was recruited by FSB (the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation) and who used as a cover a position of the editor-in-chief of the online media outlet «Rossiyskiye Novosti» (Russian News).  

Grechishkin was an army officer – a marine. Grechishkin’s place was searched, and the SBU officers seized a Russian-manufactured rocket launcher, a grenade, and ammo as well as a Russian passport, IDs with different surnames, and the editorial ID of the editor-in-chief of the online media outlet «Rossiyskiye Novosti.» He also had business cards of Russian high military officials. Grechishkin has been on the territory of Ukraine since January 2014 in violation of the migration legislation of Ukraine. According to the data in SBU’s possession, since the ATO was launched, he was working for FSB on coordinating groups of infiltrators and illegal armed gangs with FSB. He helped FSB send to Ukraine weapons and mercenaries. He also organized illegal transportation to Russia and criminal hiding of bodies of Russian military that died in Ukraine. Thus, he committed a war crime and prevented identification of bodies. 

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