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SBU detained blogger who was spying for "DPR"

18.08.2017, 12:56
Officers of the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ukrainian intelligence and counterintelligence agency, detained a spy of the so-called "information service of political department of the Ministry of Defense" of the terroristic organization "DPR" in Zaporizka oblast. The blogger was also publishing anti-Ukrainian materials, as the website of SBU informs. It was discovered that the resident of Melitopol who was introducing herself as a well-known regional blogger, was systematically gathering and selling to terrorists the intelligence about locations, relocations, equipment and numbers of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that are used in Anti-Terrorist Operation. The officers documented how the woman was transferring the intelligence via cell phone or via the Internet, and also reported her supervisor about social and political situation in Melitopol and in the region. As SBU reports, under the assignment of her supervisors from “DPR”, the criminal also was publishing anti-Ukrainian propaganda in public forums, with appeals of violent change of constitutional order, and of changing the territory of the country. Some other propaganda was focused on intentional increase of social tensions and instigating disorders and dissent in the region. The investigation under criminal case under articles 110 (actions compromising territorial integrity of Ukraine) and 258-3 (promoting activities of terrorist organizations) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine is now pending.
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