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SBU blocked fake Internet community "Zhitomir People's Republic"

20.03.2018, 16:18
The Security Service of Ukraine announced that it blocked and stopped content updates of online community, so-called “Zhitomir People's Republic”. This was reported on the website of SBU. “Operatives of the intelligence service  established that to produce the necessary “picture”, criminals used real personal data of Zhytomyr region residents, on behalf of whom they registered fake accounts. Via those accounts, they administrated pages remotely, and updated them with anti-Ukrainian content”, SBU reported. The intelligence agency also pointed out that Russian propagandists used personal information and photos of one of the rayon centers of the oblast to create the community of so-called “Zhitomir People's Republic”. This resource was also used to disseminate Russian propaganda and to popularize "D/LPR". Most accounts that were supporting this community with "likes" were likely bots, only some of them belong to real users.
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