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SBU banned entrance of two Spanish journalists for their anti-Ukrainian activities

29.08.2017, 20:35
On August 25, the Security Service of Ukraine expelled from Ukraine and banned entrance to two Spanish journalists, Antonio Pampliega and Manuel Ángel Sastre for their anti-Ukrainian activities. This was confirmed for UNIAN by SBU speaker Olena Hitlianska. “Yes, this is true, they (Antonio Pampliega and Manuel Ángel Sastre - ed.) had entrance banned due to their anti-Ukrainian activities in their publications. We, however, do not keep andy black lists”, she said. Pampliega claimed that the Spanish journalists were expelled because of being in "black list" of people that are a threat to national security of Ukraine. As “Yevropeiska pravda” reports, Pampliega and Saster are independent journalist who became known after spending almost 10 months as prisoners of “Nusra Front” in Syria and were released in May of 2016. They were in Ukraine in December of 2014 and were covering events “from both sides of the front”. At the same time, some of the journalists' publications could be of legitimate concern of SBU, as in 2014 they were publishing information about how "Ukrainian army destroys the infrastructure of Donbas" without giving the view of the Ukrainian on the events.
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