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Russians in occupied territories are searching for teachers working in Ukrainian schools – NRC

28.11.2023, 14:59

The Russians in the occupied territories are searching for local teachers who continue to work in Ukrainian schools remotely, reports the National Resistance Center.

According to the Russians, children in the occupied territories continue to study in Ukrainian schools remotely, but the occupiers have changed their tactics and are now searching for teachers who still work in those schools.

"At the same time, the Russian schools are understaffed, forcing them to involve freshman students of illegally founded pedagogical universities to act as 'educators,'" the NRC notes.

The Ukrainian underground resistance stresses that the Russian schools at the TOT act purely as propaganda hubs that brainwash children in order to alter the identity of an entire generation.

As IMI reported, the occupiers brought Russian teachers from Tyumen to occupied Sorokino (Luhansk oblast). The Ukrainian underground resistance explains: the occupiers have a shortage of language and history "teachers" specifically, as these subjects are the most valuable to their policy of imposing a new identity onto Ukrainian children.

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