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Russians in Berdyansk plan to establish a new propaganda center, says military administration chair

05.04.2024, 10:56

The Russians plan to create a "federal educational center Mayak" in Berdyansk, a city on the Azov Sea coast, reports the chair of the Berdyansk military administration, Victoria Halitsyna.

According to her, it should "cover" all the temporarily occupied parts of Ukraine.

"The center's supposed purpose is to hold 'educational events' – that is, propaganda events," Halitsyna clarified.

She added that the annual forum of "Yug Molodoy", a propaganda organization for young people, is to take place there as well.

"In this way, the invaders plan to invite people from other occupied cities to Berdyansk so as to maintain the illusion of crowdedness at least in this way," said the the chair of the Berdyansk military administration.

Earlier, the Russians held a militarist forum for young people called "The Rose of Donbas" in the temporarily occupied Mariupol (Donetsk oblast).

The Russians are also planning to create an additional youth militarization center in occupied Sevastopol – the "military-patriotic youth education center Vanguard". Furthermore, the Russian authorities continue to import propaganda literature into Ukriane's temporarily occupied territories.

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