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russians are spreading fake news about a conflict between the PO and General Staff – MoD

18.08.2022, 11:02

Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Malyar said that the russians were pushing a narrative about an alleged conflict between the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the President's Office, and the Ministry of Defense. Malyar wrote about this on Facebook.

According to her, the narrative is being spread through Telegram channels and mass media, and not only russian ones – it has also been picked up by some Ukrainian resources and speakers. And the source is most often "an unnamed person from the President's Office" or "our source in the Ministry of Defense."

The purpose of such an operation, says Malyar, is to create a conflict within the military-political leadership and within the society in order to weaken the country's defensive and offensive potential.

"To put it simply: if we all start quarreling with one another, it is easier to break and conquer us. This is what the enemy is trying to achieve. Most often, manipulative messages of an information operation attract attention with their flashy headlines which are certain to cause a storm of emotion," the deputy minister added.

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