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Russian strike on Odesa damages a local journalist's apartment

17.01.2024, 15:28
Photo: Nazar Melnikov on Facebook
Photo: Nazar Melnikov on Facebook

The Russian drone strike on Odesa on the night of January 17 damaged the apartment of the local journalist Nazar Melnikov.

He reported this on Facebook and shared the details with the IMI representative in the Odesa oblast.

According to Nazar, he was not at home at the time of the attack, which is why he survived.

The journalist said that the shock wave destroyed the ceiling in the living room and tore the air conditioner out of the wall together with pieces of plaster and wallpaper.

"I was not at home at the time of the strike; if I had been, the ceiling would have definitely collapsed onto my head and there would have been one victim more," said Nazar Melnikov.

The journalist also said that the blast mostly affected the apartments located across from the impact's epicenter.

"My house is the former Kakhovsky barracks, built in the 18th century. Even before the strikes, the building's condition left much to be desired, and now it has become even worse. Most of the apartments affected were located across from the impact's epicenter. All of them have broken windows, and the doors of some were blown off their hinges," said Nazar Melnikov.

We remind you that on the night of January 17, the UAF Air Force shot down 19 out of 20 Shahed drones launched at Ukraine by the Russians.

The spokeswoman for the United Coordination Press Center of the Southern Defence Forces, Natalia Humeniuk, reported that the air defense forces shot down all the drones flying towards Odesa. According to her, the down Shaheds kept moving due to inertia and eventually hit a residential building.

Nazar Melnikov used to be a "Fakty ICTV" correspondent and a journalist for the local Channel 7.

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