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Russian strike on Nikopol damages the building and equipment of Nostalgie Radio

09.03.2023, 18:28
Photo: Yulia Belik on Facebook
Photo: Yulia Belik on Facebook

The Russian missile strike on the morning of March 9 damaged the building of the local radio station Nostalgie in Nikopol (Dnipropetrovsk oblast).

The radio station's CEO, Valery Tereshchenko, informed the IMI representative in Dnipropetrovsk oblast about this.

According to him, all the windows were blown out by the shelling, and a third of the slate roof was destroyed.

"Today, the state of the radio station is unfit for working. The windows are gone, some of the radio equipment is badly damaged, the cable that connects the transmitter to the antenna is damaged. That's why we can't fully operate the radio station yet," said Valery Tereshchenko.

The radio station has partly stopped the broadcasting for now. They broadcast to Nikopol and the Nikopol district, as well as to a part of Zaporizhzhia oblast, namely to Enerhodar. Also, according to the CEO, the police and rescuers have performed an examination and taken the appropriate measures.

At the same time, Valery Tereshchenko cannot say whether the Russian military targeted the building of the radio station deliberately.

"I have no information as to whether they were aiming for the radio station specifically or not. But there are no objects near us that could be attacked, no military warehouses, anything like that. Maybe it was just flying somewhere else and didn't make it. If you systematically speak and provide information about the work of state services, about the events taking place in the city, maybe someone on that side dislikes it. We are six kilometers away from the spot where the shots were fired from, at point-blank range, especially since we are located on a hill," he said.

We remind you that shelling of Nikopol and Nikopol district takes place almost every day. On the morning of March 9, the head of the Dnipropetrovsk OMA, Serhiy Lysak, reported on Telegram that the Russians had fired almost 40 shells on the Nikopol district overnight – on the Chervonogrygorivka community and Nikopol city.

Photo: Yulia Belik on Facebook

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