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russian special services tried to hack the national telethon channels – SBU

28.06.2022, 15:49

The Security Service of Ukraine announced that it had thwarted russian special services' attempts to break into the electronic systems of the Ukrainian TV channels participating in the national telethon.

"On the eve of Constitution Day, the enemy wanted to use the resources involved in the national telethon for their own destructive media operations," the intelligence service said.

According to the SBU, the enemy's hackers tried to gain access to the live video stream, live news feeds, and some of the TV channel employees' individual computers that are used to work on the content.

The SBU notes that these activities were thwarted due to timely detection and measures taken by the special services.

"However, such attempts may happen again. After all, cyberattacks are part of russia's deliberate efforts to influence the Ukrainian information space, spread fakes, and wage the hybrid war," the statement reads.

As IMI reported, in March, russian hackers hacked the ticker tape of Ukraina 24 TV channel, as well as Segodnya website, and broadcast a fake message from President Volodymyr Zelenskyy about an alleged "capitulatuin."

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