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Russian Shahed hits the home of journalist in Sumy

13.03.2024, 18:27

A Russian drone hit the home of Kordon.Media journalist Alesia Prokopenko in Sumy on the night of March 13, when a Shahed fell onto a high-rise building, completely destroying one of the segments.

The journalist reported this to the IMI representative in the Sumy oblast.

Alesia Prokopenko is unharmed. The segment where her apartment is located is adjacent to the one that got destroyed.

"I was already asleep, so when I heard the explosions nearby through my sleep, I simply dove under my blanket, but then the house started shaking from the explosion, and I saw a bright flame through the window, as if it were daytime. I don't really remember what came after that: we were helping our neighbors, I was looking for my friend from the destroyed part of the house. She is alive," said Alesia Prokopenko.

Alesia Prokopenko. Photo from the journalist's Facebook

The damage to the journalist's apartment is not bad, but the neighboring segment of the building is no longer there. The rescue and debris-clearing operation has been underway for over 12 hours. 10 people were rescued, 8 were injured.

As of late March 13, three wounded persons are in the hospital. The bodies of two more people have already been retrieved from under the rubble, but official sources do not report the exact casualties.

15 apartments in the building were completely destroyed, 30 were badly damaged, and the Sumy City Military Administration estimates the total number of damaged apartments at over half a hundred.

Alesia Prokopenko's house, the destroyed segment. Photo by Alesia Prokopenko on Facebook

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