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Russian propagandist Gennadiy Dubovoy dies in a car crash in occupied Donetsk

12.09.2023, 17:25
Photo: Focus
Photo: Focus

Russian propagandist and "DNR" member who fought against Ukraine, Gennadiy Dubovoy, died in temporarily occupied Donetsk on September 11.

As reported by the Russian propagandist news agency RIA Novosti, Dubovoy died in an accident in the center of Donetsk: he was hit by a car on the way to a flower shop.

Russian propagandist Pavel Gubarev reported that Dubovoy was hit by Russian army officer Vyacheslav Snitkin. "Snitkin speeds all the time, telling his subscribers all about ot in his Instagram stories," the propagandist wrote, demanding justice.

Ukrainian journalist Denys Kazanskyi, who was forced to leave Donetsk after it was occupied, wrote that Gennadiy Dubovoy was a DNR propagandist.

"Before the war, he was a Donetsk journalist, then he became a war reporter, started hatemongering, calling for war and for the murder of Ukrainians, glorifying Motorola and other butchers and degenerates. Dubovoy died in the best tradition of professional Novorossians. Russian soldiers hit him dead with a car. Right in the city's very center, in front of the administration building. At the intersection of Artem Street and Shevchenko Boulevard. He fought the Banderites and in the end was smashed into asphalt by the 'liberators' who speed through the city center and crush people on the regular," Kazansky wrote.

Gennadiy Dubovoy was the editor-in-chief of "Voice of the People – Voice of the Republic" (a newspaper in the so-called "DNR"), covering the activities of the unit led by the deceased militiaman Arsen Pavlov (Motorola) since 2014.

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