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russian occupiers in Kherson break into media expert Yuriy Antoshchuk's apartment. He managed to leave on time

11.07.2022, 11:46
Photo: Yuriy Antoshchuk's Facebook
Photo: Yuriy Antoshchuk's Facebook

On July 10 in Kherson, russian occupiers broke into the home of local media expert Yuri Antoshchuk.

He wrote about this on his Facebook page and shared this with IMI.

"They broke the doors, not very politely. Three of them. Stole the cameras. Also three of them. Stole some other things as well. The toilet is in place. So far," Antoshchuk wrote.

The start of the search was caught on a security camera installed in the media expert's apartment.

In a comment to IMI, Yuriy Antoschuk said that he had left to the government-controlled part of Ukraine and was watching the attack on his home online.

"They took the security cameras, nothing else," he added.

Screenshot from Yuriy Antoshchuk's video

Yuriy Antoschuk is the head of the Kherson Regional Charity Foundation "Obyednannya," which was created in 2011 with the aim of improving social relations for the fake of establishing a democratic civil society in Ukraine.

The Foundation is active in the fields of independent media community development, Open Data, and local communities.

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