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Russian media are spreading fake news about NATO building a highway to Odesa to deploy their forces to Ukraine – Stratcom

14.02.2023, 14:09
Photo: Shutterstock/ADragan
Photo: Shutterstock/ADragan

Russian media are reporting that Moldova and Romania are urgently building a highway to Odesa in order to deploy NATO forces to Ukraine.

The Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security reports this, citing StopFake.

The fact-checkers point out that propagandists cite a statement by the Romanian Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Sorin Grindeanu; indeed, he has said that the two countries were considering continuing the construction of the Romanian–Moldovan highway to Odesa, Ukraine.

"However, the Minister said nothing about the highway being needed for 'deploying NATO forces to Ukraine' or the construction being part of military aid to Ukraine," StopFake stresses.

The Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security noted that this highway is Romania and Moldova's joint project intended to connect the two countries via the Unirii (A8) expressway. The need for this expressway was first discussed back in 2009 – long before Russia's military aggression against Ukraine.

As of now, the construction has not yet started, as projects for the construction of various sections of the highway are still going through numerous approval procedures.

As reported by IMI, the NGO "Institute of Political Information – IPI" presented the Telegram project "FakeBoom Bot", an educational service intended to promote media literacy among Telegram users.

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