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Russian invaders captured Zaporizhzhya journalist Irina Dubchenko

29.03.2022, 11:55

Zaporizhzhya journalist Iryna Dubchenko was detained by the Russian occupiers and taken to Donetsk. She was arrested in Rozivka, where she was caring for her old grandmother. This was reported by journalist Yakov Noskov.

Dubchenko is accused of supporting and hiding the Ukrainian military. According to Noskov, she was ratted out to the occupiers by locals. 

"Ira is accused of supporting and hiding the Ukrainian military. According to people, before that the Donetsk People republic people massacred several soldiers of the Armed Forces who were being treated at a local medical institution. Ira was ratted out by locals. At present, she has been sent out to Donetsk for some “investigative measures”, as Noskov reported.

Irina Dubchenko worked in the newspaper "Saturday plus", "Politsovet", on the site Depo.Zaporizhzhya, in the UNIAN news agency. 

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