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Russian drone operator must have seen the "Proliska" logo, says UP cameraman

26.01.2024, 18:32
Photo by Dmytro Larin, Ukrainian Pravda
Photo by Dmytro Larin, Ukrainian Pravda

The person operating the Russian FPV drone which struck the car of Yevhen Tkachov, a volunteer of the "Proliska" humanitarian mission, must have seen the organization's blue logo on the car's roof.

The "Ukrainian Pravda" photo correspondent Dmytro Larin spoke about this in his comment to the IMI.

According to him, the drone was flying at a low altitude.

"The FPV drone first flew past the car, and then turned around and hit the trunk. It was at a low altitude, so it is very likely that the operator could see the labels on the car. When the drone was still flying towards us, Yevhen shouted that there was a drone incoming, so we should take cover. At that moment, I was walking towards our corporate car, which was parked under a tree, to repark it under a tent. When I heard that the drone was incoming, I hid behind a fence," the journalist noted.

Логотип гуманітарної місії

Photo by Dmytro Larin, Ukrainian Pravda

Then, Dmytro says, he heard an explosion, more powerful than a grenade. In a few seconds, he looked out from behind the fence and saw that the trunk was on fire.

The volunteer ran up to the car and pulled out the things that were on fire, threw them on the ground and gave the command to get out of there quickly.

"The car made it back to Kostyantynivka on its own," the photojournalist noted.

He also explained that the police were making a report in Kostyantynivka, because the law enforcers are unlikely go to the strike spot – it is the very edge of Chasiv Yar, facing Bakhmut, 3–4 km away from the enemy's positions, there is no mobile connection and the shelling is intense, but there are still civilians.

"I don't know how the local woman (who was receiving humanitarian aid when the strike happened. – Ed.) is feeling now, we packed our stuff very quickly and drove away. When we left, she was fine, unharmed. Maybe slightly contused. We didn't contact the doctors," said Dmytro Larin.

As for the car, he added, it had broken windows in the luggage compartment, a cracked windshield, and a large hole in the trunk lid, probably from a cumulative charge.

As the IMI reported, a Russian FPV drone struck the car of Yevhen Tkachov, a member of the UN Refugee Agency humanitarian mission "Proliska", as he was delivering humanitarian aid to Chasiv Yar, Donetsk oblast, reports "Ukrainian Pravda", whose journalists were filming the humanitarian aid delivery.

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