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Russia's current narratives are aimed at coercing Ukraine into negotiations – Malyar

15.12.2022, 16:25
Photo: Hanna Malyar's Facebook
Photo: Hanna Malyar's Facebook

The propaganda narratives that the Russians have been trying to push in the Ukrainian media space lately are aimed at coercing the Ukrainian authorities into negotiations with the occupiers.

This was said by Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Malyar, according to

According to her, the propagandists are focusing most of their efforts on three key points:

  1. The inevitability of the energy crisis in Ukraine.
  2. Accusing the authorities of ignoring internal problems.
  3. Highlighting their own military capacities.

"With each subsequent missile strike, Russia hopes to change the tide of the war in its favor. With each subsequent missile strike, the Kremlin hopes to plunge us into total darkness. With each subsequent missile strike, the terrorist state hopes to break Ukrainians, to turn our nation into slaves of the system, same as Russians. However, time and time again these attempts prove to be futile. Ukrainians prove to the whole world that freedom and will are in our nation's DNA. That is why Russia lost this war the very day they started it," Hanna Malyar stressed.

As IMI reported, Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Malyar advised people in liberated settlements against posting happy news from the de-occupied territories on social media, so as not to become the enemy's targets.

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