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Russia has begun an info war and a smear campaign against Bakhmut defenders – Malyar

02.03.2023, 17:05
Photo: Hanna Malyar on Facebook
Photo: Hanna Malyar on Facebook

Russia has launched a massive information campaign aimed at discrediting the Ukrainian soldier that are defending Bakhmut.

This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Hanna Malyar, on Telegram.

She noted that the Russians were promoting several narratives aimed at destabilizing the social situation as well as demoralizing the military. Namely, the occupiers are claiming that the defense of Bakhmut has no strategic importance and is merely a political decision.

"However, this is not the case. The importance and objectives of defending Bakhmut have been repeatedly explained by the military. Decisions regarding the conduct of hostilities are being made by the high-ranking military commanders," Malyar wrote.

Moreover, the occupiers are distributing fake documents purportedly issued by the Ukrainian Staff, trying to influence the military in this way.

"For this psyop, they are showcasing the 'strength' of the occupiers and the 'weakness' of our defenders, revealing both sides' plans vis-a-vis Bakhmut, which they claim to have access to," she said.

As IMI reported, starting February 13, journalists will only be allowed to visit Bakhmut with a special permit.

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