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Row about building opposing journalists and authorities lasts in Mykolaiv

14.02.2019, 17:39
Фото - Фейсбук Олег Оганов
The journalists of the Center of journalistic investigations lodged a complaint to the police saying the head of administration of municipal economy Olga Vidina banned them entry to the building, where the Center takes on lease the office, as the journalists of the Center of journalistic investigations informed. The journalists cannot get in the office, the lock has been changed. Since one week the Center tried contact her, but she was out-of-reach. The journalists called the police, the police took the complaint, but nothing more could do. IMI informed earlier, on October 2018 the Mykolaiv center of journalistic investigations and the regional newspaper “Home Prybyzhzhy” alerted the company providing electricity cut off the power after an instruction of the regional administration at the building. The regional administration had refuted this news and the regional energetic company claimed the journalistic center broke some agreements. As to NikVesti website, this building was supposed to be privatized, as the re repair work will cost too much. The building at the address 44/46 Nikolska street in Mykolaiv has been on lease by two mass media, “Home Prybuzhzhya” and the Center of journalistic investigations, but since six months the building has been contested by the Regional state administration and the journalists.
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