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"Road control" says, in Chernihiv their journalist's car was booby-trapped with grenade that exploded

27.01.2015, 15:19

On January 25, at about 11 p.m., in Chernihiv, there was an assassination attempt against the "Road control" journalist Volodymyr Maralov. In his car, a booby trap exploded when he opened the door of his car, yet he managed to jump away and fall down, and this saved his life.

Police was called to the site, and after recording, the car was returned to the journalist - yet the vehicle is total loss – shrapnel pierced the car body all over, and there is a huge hole in the bottom.

Volodymyr Maralov thinks that this homicide attempt was due to his professional activities – his work is related to covering the crimes of a police officer who served under Viktor Yanukovych. Owing to his investigations, several road police officials were fired. Local police now conducts investigation.  

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