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Road Control claimed about search of their journalist’s flat by SBU

07.02.2013, 09:26
 Road Control claimed that SBU employees were conducting a search in the apartment of their Kherson journalist Vitaliy Kosenko.

The search was grounded with a respective court ruling.

According to the Internet-edition, SBU was searching illicit video equipment – namely, car keychains with a camera, and the case against Kosenko was brought on an application of the Kherson road police. In particular, Kosenko shot a story about how the state inspector takes a bribe, after which the police officer was kicked out of work because of corruption. A journalist recently has also produced a story about charges at an Odessa road police post, which was shown by a national TV-channel.

The edition says that "this case - is an attempt to" close "one of the best journalists of Road Control”.

On January 29, Road Control journalist Andriy Dzyndzya applied to the prosecution because of threats from a road police lieutenant colonel. In his statement about the crime the reporter noted that, on January 25, he received a phone call with threats and foul language from police Lt.colonel V. Tyshchenko. The journalist asked prosecutors to investigate into his statement, and open criminal proceedings against V.Tyshchenko on Articles 129 “Threats of murder" and 171 "Obstruction of journalistic activities" of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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