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Rivne outlet "Horyn Info" under a DDoS attack

01.11.2023, 14:15

On October 31, the website of the Rivne media outlet "Horyn Info" suffered a DDoS attack which caused the resource to be down for the day.

The deputy editor-in-chief, Inna Denysiuk, spoke to an IMI representative about this.

According to her, the website was practically paralyzed throughout the day.

"From morning to late evening, numerous DDoS attacks targeted the online platform of the media outlet 'Horyn Info'. Our website received over a dozen requests from abroad per second. Such activity made the website temporarily unavailable to readers. However, thanks to our technicians, the resource is already up again," said Inna Denysiuk.

She assumed that the attack on the website could have been an act of revenge by those who do not like "Horyn Info" paying attention to the activities of the Russian Church (UOC MP) in Ukraine.

"We report on communities switching from the Moscow Patriarchate to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. Moreover, we monitor the progress of the trials regarding the church buildings or land plots ownership. Such as, say, the Horodok village community defending their legal right to retain ownership of the land, which the local Moscow Patriarchate monastery has been trying to appropriate for many years, in court. By the way, in the comments under articles on this or similar topics, MP supporters usually aren't careful about their choice of words," Inna Denisyuk said.

The editor also believes that the media outlet could have received such a response due to their active reporting on the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. "A part of our team is now working on a project to create a virtual catalog of UIA memorial sites. And such DDoS attacks are very detrimental to our work. After all, if this is the reason our website is being hacked, then we are doing everything right," said the journalist.

Inna Denysiuk suggests that supporters of the Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate may be involved in the attack on the website, because UOC resources have repeatedly criticized the media outlet and accused it of working for the OCU. However, the mass media does not rule out that Russians may also be behind the attack.

Now the "Horyn Info" website works as usual. The last time the resource suffered such attacks was at the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

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